Map Name
Unknown Map

Map Type




No Treasures



50 Shekel, 93 Experience

Gems Needed

? Ruby Gem ? Sapphire Gem ? Emerald Gem ? Topaz Gem ? Amethyst Gem

Moses returns to the palace, talks to the Pharoah and his staff. He also starts removing flies.

Type of Map: Story Map

Level Needed to Unlock: ?

Mission Needed to Unlock: ?

Size: Approx. 200

No of Treasures: 8+

Missions on This Map:

  • List the Missions here as bullets

Types of Treasures:

  • Spices? (2+)
  • Alabaster Carvings Collection (4+)
  • Musical Instruments Collection (2+)

Rewards for Completion:

Gems Needed for Map
Gem Colour Number
Ruby Red ?
Sapphire Blue ?
Emerald Green ?
Topaz Yellow ?
Amethyst Purple ?
Pests and Boulders found on Map
Pest Number
Boulder 1+
Spider 5+
Scorpion 3+
Snake 5+
Crocodile 1+

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